May 14, 2009 a date

I felt bad last night, I couldn’t sleep soundly after I heard that I should compete with my senior for a certain position. But I think deeply about it. In my opinion, that position is not a prime priority for me. I have a big priority this year. What is that ? Of course that is a secret, I won’t to share it with you all, the readers of my blog. After I stayed up in the night, I wake up lazily in the morning but still I prayed for Shubuh.

Actually, today I have a cool agenda, that is to accompany my wife for medical check up to gynecologyst at RSUD Pasar Rebo. Then, I should come to finance department at my faculty, because Jojo, an agent from Pojok Hardware company, will take a payment of webhosting fare for two years. So, my daughter and I went firstly to the hospital to take a queue up number. The nurses here are famous with unmannered behavior. No smile from their lips. Those are a lack service for state-owned hospital almost in every district. My wife and the fetus are fine. We don’t buy expensive medicine and we prefer to buy a medicine at Gadilamba pharmacy, near from the RSUD Pasar Rebo.


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