bloody fever

Be careful with your mosquitos, as my friend told me last yesterday. His son suffered from bloody fever. He rescued to Jatisampurna hospital in Pondok Gede Bekasi. Bloody fever attacked not only adult but also children. They attack people in the morning. So be careful with your room. keep it clean and do not let the messy room around you. My friend, gufron feel so tired to keep his son in the hospital. beside it, he just have a baby, a little girl baby. Now he have three children in his 35 years old.

Bloody fever caused by a kind of mosquitos, namely aedes agepty. But not every bite caused a bloody fever, just a bite contained with dengue viruses. This kind of mosquitos likely to inhabit in clean water places like water jar, bath tub, flower vast, or glasses. Probably you don’t assume with that goods as the place for mosquitos but that are the reality. They grow up in dry season.


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